Fresh KDS

Unlocking the full potential of your customer's kitchen.

Introduction To Integrating With Fresh

There are two ways to integrate with Fresh Technology’s kitchen display system, Fresh KDS.

The Fresh KDS application supports a rich feature set entirely accessible over public network communications to a series of API endpoints; however, some partners have chosen to integrate using Fresh’s local network communication capabilities.

With outbound access to a public network, the user experience and the available feature set are the same; communicating over the local network provides no feature-related disadvantages to your integration. The scope of this introductory documentation is not, however, intended to enumerate the tradeoffs between which integration channel you should choose.

Not Sure Which To Choose?

Both methods support different needs. Which method you choose depends on your business needs. If you would like help deciding which method is right for you, you can either visit the Tradeoffs documentation or feel free to reach out to our Customer Partnerships & Support Team using the e-mail provided in the Questions section, below.

Main Documentation Pages

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The Life of This Document

As of Q1 2023, this documentation only covers Local Network Communication; however, this document is actively being worked in order to migrate our customers away from legacy documentation. If you are looking to integrate using Fresh’s APIs, please consult our API Integration Documentation.


Should you have any questions, please reach out to: