Fresh KDS APIs


API Authentication

Environmental Endpoint URLs

The Fresh KDS sandbox and production environments have different base URLs. While you are testing in the sandbox environment be sure to use the correct URL and to use an integration token generated from a sandbox account.

Environment URL

Integration Tokens

Every API request on the integrations API requires a header with a valid integration token in the following format:

x-integration-token: {token}

In the Fresh KDS ecosystem integration tokens are generated for each brand. A brand can contain multiple physical locations, each of which can have a KDS subscription and one or more KDS screens. If you are a point of sale company building an integration to support multiple customers you will need to be able to support handling multiple integration tokens and mapping those tokens to their respective brands in Fresh KDS.

To generate an integration token for a brand log in to the Fresh KDS web portal ( or and navigate to Settings > Integration Tokens. Integration tokens do not expire, but they can be revoked from the Fresh KDS web portal.