Cancel KDS Order Over Local Network

How To Cancel a KDS Orders Using TCP

Cancel KDS Order Over Local Network


After sending a KDS order to a screen you can cancel the order using the cancel-order command and supplying the order’s id value.

Port Protocol
9104 TCP

Body Parameters

Property Required Type Description
command yes string accepted values: create-order, update-order, cancel-order
order yes Order object containing KDS order data

command property added in version 2.21.30, for backwards compatibility default value is create-order


Property Required Type Description
id yes string unique id of the KDS order to update


	"command": "cancel-order",
	"order": {
		"id": "123"


Response Type Response Value
Success value
Failure Unable to parse data

Screen Behavior

  • if the KDS order has already been bumped from the screen the cancel-order command will be ignored
  • if the KDS order is still displayed on the KDS screen it will change to the Cancelled state