KDS Device Created Webhook

How To Use the KDS Device Created Webhook Event

KDS Device Created Webhook Event


This event fires when a new KDS screen is registered. Devices are registered before the screen settings are populated. To get a new device’s screen settings subscribe to the Device Updated event.

Body Parameters

Property Type Description
triggeredAction string value: Device Created
brand Brand brand device belongs to
location Location location device belongs to
data Data device information


Property Type Description
id string uuid of brand
name string name of brand


Property Type Description
id string uuid of location
name string name of location
number string user-entered location number


Property Type Description
id string uuid of device record
type string type of device; possible values: ios, android, firetv, elo-backpack
version string KDS app version
locationId string uuid of location device belongs to
toolId string uuid indicating device is used for KDS
friendlyName string user-entered screen name
deviceId string device generated id
deviceName string device generated name
isBlacklisted bool true if device has been flagged by Fresh as blacklisted
isDeleted bool true if device has been deleted by a user
createdOn timestamp time device was created in UTC
updatedOn timestamp last time device data was updated in UTC
updatedBy string uuid of user who last updated device data
deviceOsVersion string device OS version
deviceSettings Device Settings device screen settings
isOnline bool true if screen is currently reporting as connected to the KDS server
onlineUpdatedOn timestamp field is deprecated and replaced by statusUpdated
statusUpdated timestamp last time screen’s connection status updated


	"triggeredAction": "Device Created",
	"brand": {
		"id": "10b4039e-01d2-4399-9d93-52b850fc5751",
		"name": "KDS Test Brand"
	"location": {
		"id": "6c4e879e-3ab5-4e5a-be1d-cf48fe809559",
		"name": "Atlanta",
		"number": "4"
	"data": {
		"id": "d3ab622a-b48c-4daf-b811-7a6f2e31a7fa",
		"type": "ios",
		"version": "2.21.29",
		"locationId": "6c4e879e-3ab5-4e5a-be1d-cf48fe809559",
		"toolId": "3957e3bd-dc4e-4a0f-b952-27eb06c8d9da",
		"friendlyName": null,
		"deviceId": "DBEE3E8D-54CE-45B7-861B-A4F2B9B4D794",
		"deviceName": "Apple iPad (iPad Air 2)",
		"isBlacklisted": false,
		"isDeleted": false,
		"createdOn": "2023-04-08T19:18:42.903Z",
		"updatedOn": "2023-04-08T19:18:42.903Z",
		"updatedBy": "00019215-cb01-434d-8683-1006c87b93e9",
		"deviceOsVersion": null,
		"deviceSettings": null,
		"isOnline": false,
		"onlineUpdatedOn": "2023-04-08T19:18:42.903Z",
		"statusUpdated": null