KDS Webhooks Overview

How To Use KDS Webhooks

KDS Webhooks

Set Up

Webhooks for Fresh KDS are configured at the brand level in the Fresh KDS web portal. It is possible to configure multiple endpoints for a brand. When configuring the webhook events, you have several options:

  • Number of Delivery Attempts - how many times Fresh KDS will attempt to deliver to webhook; default is 3
  • Minutes Between Attempts - how long Fresh KDS will wait to re-try; default is 30 minutes
  • Email to Notify if Attempts Fail - email will be sent if all delivery attemps are unsuccessful
  • Triggers - which events you wish to fire events for; see documentation details for each trigger type
  • Locations - which locations will fire events


The webhooks section of the Fresh KDS portal also contains a log table, which shows the status of webhook events sent for the selected configuration.